Creative Sewing Tips and Techniques for Personalized Designs and Crafts

Whether you are just getting started or have been sewing for years, the sewing tips and creative techniques we share will inspire you to create the look you want!

How We Can Help You

To make the most of your sewing experience you'll get advice on different types of sewing techniques, and all the resources you need.

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Get tips and advice on:

  • Setting up your sewing room with supplies and accessories for the most sewing enjoyment. Organization is the key to a great sewing experience!
  • Choosing and buying suitable fabrics for your sewing projects
  • Fabric preparation and care
  • Reviews of sewing machines
  • Choosing your sewing machine based on your sewing plans
  • Ergonomic items
  • Sewing safely
  • Great project ideas
  • Recommended resources such as sewing books, magazines and DVDs

Getting Started...

Find the right sewing supplies and sewing accessories. It's important to choose a suitable sewing machine and to learn the basics of sewing.

You can find out about the types of sewing machines available and get help in choosing the one best suited to your needs.

When choosing your sewing machine, there's a wonderful selection of sewing stitches to consider -- you would be amazed by the different types of embroidery you can achieve to give your projects that fancy look.

Of course, not all sewing is done by machine. You can also do quilting and hand sewing and it's wise to get tips on these specialist techniques.

Tips and Techniques

sewing for a bride

Get tips on sewing tools for cutting and measuring, finding that perfect pattern and creating that one of a kind item you wish to sew. Nothing fits quite as well as clothing that's been custom fitted.

Choosing fabric and thread is also a key part of successful sewing, so it's wise to get advice in dealing with different types of fabric. This will lead to your sewing success.

And that's not all...

Learn special sewing techniques for making crafts and creating personalised gifts for family members and friends.

Create clothes that can become family heirlooms such as baby clothes and christening gowns.


Get sewing tips for simple repairs to clothes... Rather than discarding clothes with dropped hems or missing buttons, you can save a much loved clothing item by learning how to hem, tack and attach hooks, buttons and other fasteners. Get tips and advice about sewing techniques that will make them as good as new.

Hand stitching can be a great way to finish a garment and you can find out more about that here.

New Sewing Projects and Creations

Of course, sewing is not only about making clothes but about creating other decorative items such as window treatments, cushions and quilts.

bedroom sewing creations

We'll provide the creative sewing tips and inspiration you need to sew virtually anything and to leave your friends and family wondering how you achieved those special effects!

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