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Buying Your Personalized Sewing Labels

Tips on ordering your own personalized sewing labels

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Fleece Fabric By The Yard

Fleece fabric by the yard is a great alternative to wool. Learn how to use this versatile fabric for just about any of your sewing projects. Buying fleece online is easy if you follow these tips.

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Fabric Stores Online

Discover how the best fabric stores online can provide an easy, fun and relaxing way to buy fabric and save money without ever leaving your home.

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Choosing Your Apron Sewing Pattern

Choosing your apron sewing pattern is easy when you know what to look for. Learn how to decide on the best style and skill level in a pattern to guarantee your success in your apron sewing project!

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Sewing Machine Reviews

A useful tool before you make a purchase, sewing machine reviews provide information essential to your decision. Reviews take a variety of different forms; some assessments, such as...

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Treadle Sewing Machines

History shows that treadle sewing machines were a huge stepping stone for the industrial era. As for the present and future, this machine can give someone a chance to embrace the past...

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Necchi Sewing Machine Reviews

With almost 75 years in the sewing machine industry, Necchi sewing machine reviews and Necchi, itself, reflect the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers...

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Childrens Sewing Machine Reviews

Reading various childrens sewing machine reviews can assist you in finding the quality childrens sewing machines to give to your child. Sewing machines meant for children are smaller than...

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Simple Sewing Projects

Discover simple sewing projects that are fun to make. There is a project for everyone - from beginning to advanced sewing skills. Anyone can make great gifts, clothing and items for your home!

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Recycle Blue Jeans

Today, green is the new trend, so why not recycle blue jeans and bring them up to par with modern fashion? Not only does this save you money, it also allows you to show off your sewing skills, wear...

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