Buying Personalized Sewing Labels

You can buy the sewing labels that you need for your own or professional use online. There may even be a business in your city that makes them. When ordering your labels, you will have to pick from many different styles. You can either use your name or your business name. You could use your initials or a city name and state or a 'made by’ label might work well. This company

After designing your label and deciding on a size, pick the fabric you would like to have your labels made with. Some examples include Taffeta, Twill, Satin, and Damask for woven labels. Perhaps you’ll decide to have your labels printed. I’m sure that browsing through some of the web sites I’ve listed below will give you some creative inspiration!

The company Name Label provides great labels for all your personal sewing needs.

You'll need to have an idea of how many sewing labels you might want to order. Many of the companies have a minimum order such as 500 or a 1000 for designer labels. That may be far too many and costly for your needs. There are other companies that specialize in smaller scale orders. I have provided a couple of the more popular sources for both below:

Able Labels of America

This company specializes in Short Run Woven Labels for designers, home hobbyists and soft toy manufacturers. They do Woven Labels in both Half Inch and One Inch widths and carry Printed Iron On Tags and Peel & Stick labels. They will also do designer woven labels with a minimum order of 500.

Name Maker

This company makes basic and luxury woven clothing labels and 100% woven clothing labels. They will also make custom labels for all your sewing, quilting and knitting needs. Also available are iron on labels that are perfect for kids' school clothing and camp clothing, for example. They also provide personalized gift wrap, gift and address stickers, ribbons and wedding favors.

General Label Mfg.

This company will send you a Free Introduction Pack, which includes an assortment of printed and woven samples, coupons, and order forms with prices. Their labels are available on various types of fabric. They provide Sew On, Stick On and Iron On Labels.

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