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Sewing Help

Learning to sew can be daunting, but there are many sources for sewing help.

Sewing classes, sewing websites, books and sewing clubs are just a few of the places where sewing information and help is available.

Sewing is a rewarding and money saving hobby that can provide you with hours of enjoyment!

Start With Your Sewing Machine Manual

Before sitting down at a sewing machine or cutting out pattern pieces, take a few minutes to read the sewing machine manual and pattern instructions.

Threading a sewing machine properly, winding a bobbin and choosing sewing projects that are within your sewing machines abilities will help avoid frustration.

Follow the Pattern’s Instructions

Cutting out pattern pieces using guidelines and tips provided on the pattern instructions will also prevent problems when pinning and sewing your project. Before buying fabric check the pattern for the types of fabric recommended.

Follow the suggestions for fabrics provided on your pattern and you will not be disappointed with your finished project.

Look Into Sewing Classes

Extension offices and continuing education courses provide information and help for people in many areas, including sewing. Reaching out to help people learn to be more efficient is what these offices do best.

Sewing Lessons

Classes, individual help and reference materials are available through local offices.

Visit Sewing Websites

Sewing websites will provide sewing guides, step-by-step instructions, troubleshooting information and easy starter projects. Look for sewing lessons online. These are available 24 hours a day and some offer online video tutorials to provide visual sewing help.

Sewing Forums and Blogs provide answers from the most basic to most difficult sewing questions.

Pattern and Sewing Machine Companies

  • Sewing machine companies including Singer , Brother and Bernina all provide sewing help for their customers.

    Sewing machine companies provide online resources. When you buy a new machine, many retailers provide beginning sewing classes as part of their customer support programs.

  • Butterick Patterns offers books, DVD’s, online help, and sewing classes in many cities.

  • Simplicity, New Look and Burda Sewing Patterns
  • have a full line of patterns for men, women, children, pets and crafts. As well, they carry beginner sewing books, pattern fitting guides, sewing machines and accessories.

  • McCall’s Patterns offer a  pattern line for craft projects, clothing for all ages and pets. These patterns are simple, inexpensive and come complete with detailed easy to follow instructions.

    Books, tutorials and classes using McCall’s Patterns are available through some pattern retailers.

  • Explore Sewing Clubs

    Many sewing clubs and organizations offer beginning sewing help through local schools and colleges. Find groups and clubs through an online search.

    Look for specialty clubs including quilting and embroidery organizations that provide information at craft stores, fabric, and sewing machine stores. Many can be reached through local agricultural extension offices.

    Read Sewing Magazines

    These magazines provide the latest techniques and sewing products available. Choose a magazine that focuses on your favorite area of sewing and keep up with what's new on the market.

    Sew News

    And my favorite sewing Magazine.... 


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