Fabric Stores Online

Finding fabric stores online is easy, but choosing the best ones for your needs might take a bit longer.

Online fabric retailers often specialize in fabrics for specific projects like interior decorating, apparel or quilting.

Most, however, offer deep discounts not always available in regular fabric stores.

Finding the Best Fabric

Online fabric stores that specialize in one type of fabric may offer a variety of weights, colors and specialty items including flame retardant materials used when making children’s sleepwear.

Finding the best fabric is important especially when reupholstering a piece of furniture, creating a specialty project like a backpack or tent or when making a bridal gown.

Fabric stores online may offer discounts on bulk purchases, daily deals and percentage discounts on all fabrics purchased.

Shipping Costs

Fabric can be heavy especially when purchased by the bolt or in bulk quantities. Finding an online fabric store that offers free or discounted shipping on large orders or bolt purchases will help reduce the cost of shipping the fabric.

Retailers will special order fabric by the bolt for customers who require a large quantity and some retailers offer bolt discounts to their customers.

Many fabric retailers now offer online shopping and provide the same customer care as they would if you visited one of their stores.

Online Coupons

Using fabric coupons online is a great way to reduce costs and occasionally receive free shipping and handling.

Some retailers will honor competitor coupons and many of the retail fabric stores offer email coupons that provide free shipping on all online orders including discounted, closeout and sale fabrics plus single item discounts.

Email and online coupons can sometimes be difficult to use but don’t hesitate to call the company about any questions you might have. Most online fabric stores offer 1-800 numbers or live on site customer support.

Online Auction Sites

There are some fabric stores online that are part of online auction sites.  This includes sites like eBay that sell fabric by the yard or in pre-cut sizes. Some of these online fabric stores offer specialty fabrics and pre-cut fabric such as quilt squares and ready to tie fleece blanket kits.

Fabric purchased from online auction stores might have buyer protection allowing the customer to return it at their expense for a full refund.

Many auction stores have a rating system that allows a potential customer to check what other customers say about their fabric, shipping and prices.

Online Fabric Retailers

The only reason that finding an online fabric retailer may be difficult is because there’s so many to choose from! Here's a list of some of the more popular sites - I have dealt with Fabric.com myself many times and have always been pleased!

Fabric stores online allow you to browse in the comfort of your home for the fabrics that you want without the inconvenience of traveling from store to store. Discounts, free shipping and online coupons can save you time, energy and effort when shopping for fabric online.

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