Choose Your Apron Sewing Pattern

You’ll easily find an apron sewing pattern through any of the major pattern companies or online. 

Check out these VERY cute aprons! You can find the Free pattern for these and 6 other free apron patterns here!

In order to find the right apron pattern, you need to first decide on the style, size, fabric and level of difficulty according to your skills.

Multiple Styles

There are a surprising number of apron styles available, which include smock, butcher-style, lined and/or reversible, patchwork, dishtowel and vintage patterns. 

Aprons can be used by men, women and children and can be worn at home or in a professional chef setting.  

Skill Level

When you choose the type of apron you would like to create, it’s important to stay within your skill level. Most patterns will note whether the pattern is designed for beginner, intermediate or advanced sewing skills. 

Ideas For Finding Apron Fabric

Aprons can be made out of cotton or polyester material, cut up dishtowels and even denim from an old pair of jeans. Ideally, for a functional apron that will be used often in the kitchen, you should choose a material that is easily washable and comfortable.

A design may not seem very complicated, but the materials or trims you choose to add may increase the difficulty level. Some fabrics tend to stretch as you sew and an inexperienced sewer may not have the skills to maintain correct dimensions. In addition, choosing to add details such as embroidery may turn a simple apron into a tricky task for a beginner sewer.

Qualities to look for in an apron sewing pattern are:

  • Accurate images, photos or illustrations of the steps and final product.
  • Fabric and/or material recommendations
  • The amount of fabric, in yards, needed to complete the project
  • Suggestions for notions, buttons, snap, etc.
  • A sizing chart and instructions on how to properly measure
  • Instructions on how to apply notions, appliqué and other decorative elements
  • Which stitch to use and where to hand or machine sew
  • A clear set of directions, outlining each step of the construction process

Pattern Suppliers

The amount of instruction you need depends on your sewing experience. If this is your first time sewing a piece of clothing, you may want to purchase a pattern envelope. These include photos and/or illustrations, variations for size and a tissue-paper pattern for you to cut out and place over your fabric. Some of the major names in patterns include McCall’s, Butterick, Simplicity and Vogue.

Online Pattern Sources

Many on-line venues offer a variety of downloadable patterns at a reasonable cost or for free. In addition, some of the major sewing machine manufacturers, such as Singer, Bernina and Pfaff, offer a simple apron sewing pattern and other projects for free on their websites. 

The number of possibilities for patterns found on the Internet, at sewing machine manufacturer websites or at a fabric store can seem daunting, but if you keep a few details in mind, you will find the right pattern for you.

The perfect apron sewing pattern will provide accurate detailed instructions (or provide a tissue-paper pattern ready to cut), suggest the type and amount of materials needed to complete the project and let you know what skills are needed to complete the project.

Once you find a pattern, you’ll enjoy constructing the perfect apron for you.