Bernina Sewing Machine Reviews

Bernina sewing machine reviews reveal a remarkable consistency of consumer satisfaction. Bernina, an international, yet still family-run business, provides a combination of innovation and technology which results in a selection of machines able to meet the needs of any sewing enthusiast.

Sewing & Quilting

Bernina’s ability to maintain its core family roots and beginning mission of producing quality machines is significant to note. If you purchase a Bernina machine, the company ensures that you receive a superior product and customer service. Bernina retailers worldwide are committed to providing consumers “service, support and education;” in addition, descriptions of sewing, embroidery and overlock products, instructions, sewing facts, and creative ideas are easily accessible of the company website.

Bernina sewing machine reviews encompass their versatile lines:

  • BERNINA 8 Series – models 830LE and 820 quilters edition have the greatest capabilities of all Bernina products
  • Artista – ideal for those who sew and embroider, models include 730, 640, 630 and 635-limited edition
  • Aurora – aimed at DIY and craft lovers, models include the 450, 440 QE and 430
  • BERNINA 3 Series – models 380, 350PE and 330 make up this user-friendly, practical line
  • Activa – 210 and Bernina 215 aim for affordable quality
  • New Bernette – advertised as an affordable, base-level computerized system, models include the 25, 20, 15 an 12
  • Bernette – models 92C, 66, 56 and 46 are fast, compact and portable

In addition, Bernina sewing machine reviews from long-time owners gives credence to the durability and longevity expected from the Bernina name.

Bernina 8 Series

Designed for all-purpose sewing and quilting, many consider the 820 and 830 top of the line, “luxury” machines. Computerized and able to handle embroidery projects, both units provide an impressive variety of functions and large working space – especially convenient for quilters.

The fastest sewing machines available for purchase to date, both are capable of 1,100 stitches per minute.


Bernina Artista 552 Miniature Madness Embroidery Card

Functions and features on an inspired design attract artists and artisans alike. Consumers appreciate easy controlled computer functions, comparable to the Aurora line.

Technological innovations allow users to create and modify designs on a personal computer and save onto a space-saving memory card; the limited edition 635 even comes with a decorative “skin” – a protective foil that adds personality to your machine.

A newer element in the purview of sewing machine appearance, skins are especially appealing to tech-savvy individuals; Bernina allows you to upload original artwork or photos as well as makes simple the process of adjusting one of their on-site images, shapes and/or texts; it is also available for the Activa line.

In addition to a convenient on-screen help function, the bright colors and large letters/symbols found on the touch-screen of models like the 730, provide users an efficient means to search through the over 855 standard stitches, 30 quilting stitches and numerous buttonhole styles.


The Aurora is most suitable for quilters and those with free-motion sewing projects. Along with the Bernina stitch regulator (BSR) – a standard feature on many Bernina machines, users monitor needle position on the view screen in ensure accuracy.

As with many Bernina sewing machine reviews, consumers of the 440QE highlight:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Speed
  • Multiple pressure feet, including buttonhole styles
  • Well-lit work area

Also unique to Bernina are practical maintenance reminders that let users know when the sewing machine needs to be cleaned, oiled or serviced.

Drawbacks of the Aurora are few and center around a hard to view screen, causing some users difficultly locating the correct stitch out of the approximate 380 decorative, standard and quilting options. In addition, the 440QE does not contain a guide edge; although most experienced quilters have the skills to properly measure, this could pose a great inconvenience for the novice sewer.

The Series 3

Loaded with as many options a small machine can handle, the tote-portable 380 is the highlight of this line. The few independent Bernina sewing machine reviews that discuss these models reveal positive experiences, especially noting the exceptional lighting system including an LCD display and LED illuminated work area. Compared to other brands offering similar features, Bernina models all fell within the upper level of price range; however, consumers focused on the reputation, design and durability of a Bernina product.


Bernina sewing machine reviews contain glowing praise for Activa machines. Considered a “work-horse” fashioned with a variety of functions and user-friendly computer system, this machine is quite portable – some beginners bring it to sewing classes and advanced sewers take it wherever they travel.

Capable of handling multiple types of fabric, the Activa is ideal for clothes and crafts; however, minor disappointment regarding the 240 relates to its lack of thread cutter and automatic bobbin winder. Note: this machine cannot handle large quilting projects.


Advertised as basic, affordable sewing machines, the Bernette includes older models manufactured around 2007 and new 2011 models. Bernina sewing machine reviews often comment on the sleek ergonomic design of older versions – although some do not contain LCD screens.

Bernette’s are small, simple machines, containing only the most fundamental features. An introductory machine aimed at the sewing novice, model-10 is also ideal for those who only require occasional use and utility stitches. The differences between the Bernette 12 and 15 are just 10 stitches and an automatic buttonhole option.


All-purpose sewers, quilters, tailors and artisans of any sewing ability can find a Bernina to meet his/her needs. Across the board, the majority of Bernina sewing machine reviews reflect satisfied customers. Whether manufacturing a basic machine or designing a unit capable of hundreds of stitch options, computerized embroidery and design memory, different buttonhole styles and other advanced elements, the family-run Bernina takes pride in a offering consumers a selection of high-quality, durable, low-maintenance and technologically innovative sewing machines.

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