Janome Sewing Machine Reviews

Searching for Janome sewing machine reviews, one inevitably concludes that Janome offers a diversity of services for enthusiast, professional tailors, quilters and seamstresses. Combining the latest technological advances with a deep concern for the customer, Janome machines come with a long warranty in the unlikely event of a breakdown.


What makes the Janome sewing machine reviews so favorable to the Janome products are the amazing machine specifications for the right price.

  • 712t - The 712t Janome sewing machine, for instance, is a revolutionary non-electrical application, which requires a treadle-sewing table. Fitted with only 10 stitches, the 712t is perfect for the non-electrified areas or as back-up support when the power goes down. With its simplicity, specialists recommend it as a classroom friendly device.

  • 19110 – Alternatively, the Janome 19110 model is more complex with precise features such as heirloom stitching, superior feed system, speed control, 50 selectable stitches, and free arm for circular sewing. The display screen provides easy access to all the functions while the buttonhole sensor is always alert. Users may reverse a stitch or adjust their speed to slow for accurate sewing and fast for straight stretches of material. You can also automatically declutch the bobbin.

Heavy Duty

  • 4800 - Quilting beasts, the Janome sewing machine 4800 has 223 decorative stitches for all quilting purposes. The LCD screen makes stitch editing possible and has three new stitches in memory. Thanks to the extra penetrative power and one side cutting, the Janome 4800 sewing machines secure a place in most Janome sewing machine reviews.

  • DC1050 – The Janome dc1050 sewing machine epitomizes modern sewing technology with its huge black lit LCD for convenient access to all the functions. Due to the predetermined settings, accomplishing easy home chores is a breeze. Let the machine do all the work as you input the desired length, width and speed, and simply oversee the process. For convenience purposes, the bobbin is jam-proof and a soft cover protects the machine from wear.


  • MC11000 - A thing of beauty, Janome embroidery sewing machines offer infinite possibilities with devices like the MC11000 Special Edit. This mammoth has a 65000-color display for gorgeous quilting, sewing and embroidery. You can use the 170 built-in designs or create one from scratch, aided by video tutorials and user-friendly software. The easy computer-machine connection with a drag-and-drop system and highly movable arm and hoop enable wide, long, complicated designs on various hard and soft materials.

  • 300EFor the more frivolous, the Memory Craft 300E has 100 designs and three alphabets for marking the family heirlooms. Fitted with a lamp, memory, resizing and editing tools, the machine functions with Janome programs and creates computer-generated designs.

Sewing Jems

The legendary Janome Jem collection presents the Jem Gold Plus, a compact but highly versatile little device, which completes all tasks, from trimming and sewing to finishing seams. Featuring a revolutionary light surging system and easy-access dials, the Jem Gold Plus finishes reverse stitches and boasts a fail-safe needle insertion. Although it has only nine stitches, this machine never fails to get the work done.

All Janome sewing machine reviews end with the strict advice that you should only purchase Janome merchandise from an authorized dealer, as anyone else might sell a product of lower quality that breaks down quickly. A purchase from a genuine distributor ensures trouble-free operation and provides a complete warranty throughout the life of the machine.

Janome sewing machine reviews are helpful in determining the appropriate sewing machine for your needs and budget restrictions. Janome prides itself on customer satisfaction with plug-and-play devices that have no trouble with hard or creasing fabrics and operate with minimum difficulty.

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