Singer Sewing Machine Review

The Singer sewing machine review is the story of the 160-year old reign of Singer as the finest sewing machine manufacturer of the accurate, dependable and appropriate priced of the Singer devices. From the first mechanical sewers to present day times, Singer has never failed to utilize the latest technological advances.

The Singer 319w

Produced in the 1950s, the Singer 319w is a beast of a machine with many levers, buttons, dials and settings. Due to its seeming complexity, seamstresses did not like it much and hence it is now expensive and hard to find. However, the sewing machine review Singer 319w manual explains its workings.

Five built-in stitches and put-on “fashion discs” that increase the diversity, a sturdy and durable body, well-thought out mechanism and quiet function feature all contribute to the superiority of this device. Despite the years, the Singer 319W still incites interest of sewing enthusiasts and scores high on the Singer sewing machine review.

The 603 Model

An unbiased Singer 603 sewing machine review will start by pointing that the 603 models from the mid 60s does not fare well to earlier or even later Singer Touch and Sew machines. Of course, it has a winding bobbin for easy filling, but its capacity and tendency to block are sometimes a handful. Additionally, while some machines are entirely metal, others had cheaper, plastic parts fitted, which are prone to deterioration or malfunction. On the other hand, the cog-and-wheel system enables flawless function of the reliable motor. Similarly to other Singer sewing machines, the 603 could read "fashion disks".

The Singer Confidence 7470

Singer Confidence 7470 machine reviews speak favorably of this device due to its user-friendly design and easy-to-use features. With a stable function and auto tension, the Confidence model works with no noise, has electronic stitches and possesses a perfect bobbin. Additionally, the manual is easy to understand, follow and reference. The Singer sewing machine review noted the only disadvantage is its heaviness.

Singer Embroidery Sewing Machine

Having the greatest selection of functions and stitches, and a guaranteed long life, a Singer embroidery sewing machine is perfect for home decoration, embellishment and quilting. The newest model, Futura Quartet is a new generation of electrical sewing machines.

Offering the four functions of sewing, quilting, serging and embroidery in one machine, the FQ-4 has 30 stitches with a comprehensive guide, The Swift Smart Threading System, the Drop and Sew Bobbin System, LED lights, Foot Lifter for multiple or thick layers, and 13 needle positions. Accompanying those are hundreds of embroidery designs, a lettering program, large designs, editing capabilities and a computer interface.

Apart from design generation programs, the Futura Series comes with constant updates and a library of designs. However, if you are not a professional, the simpler CE-150 Futura offers the adequate functions, without excessive costs, unusable stitches and bulky size.

Singer Sergers

A Singer sewing machine review finishes with the serger. It trims and completes the seam on new, raw fabrics to finish the piece of clothing. Although not a separate sewing unit, a serger compliments your Singer sewing machine by creating a better-finished product.

A notable Singer serger sewing machine is the Professional 5 Serger 14T968DC. With 1,300 stitches per minute, and a self-adjusting tension, the simple yet effective machine gives the pieces of clothing a finished look and increases the fabric's lifespan. Moreover should something happen, the 25-year warranty will cover it.

The Singer sewing machine, which has won "Best Sewing Machine" many times, is a household name all over the world. Any Singer sewing machine review should also mention their limited edition, higher quality items, released at every anniversary. As far as "Singers" go, there is no good or bad, just a different one to suit the various tailoring needs.

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