Finding Free Sewing Machine Manuals

A manual is important because it includes everything you need to know about your particular sewing machine. It will also help you when the machine stops working.
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Finding free sewing machine manuals can be simple if you know where to look. If you don't have your manual, there are websites that will allow you to download them free.

A manual is considered a sewing machine part, so not every company will offer it free.


Singer is the most recognized brand in the sewing business. They were the first to release a sewing machine powered by electricity.

Singer takes the time to satisfy its customers. If you cannot find your manual, you can visit the company site where Singer will usually allow you to download one free. All you need to do is go to Singer’s Site , type in your model number, and you will get a link to a PDF document.


For many years, Brother International Corporation has created sewing machines for home use and also machines for large businesses and offices.

Brother’s products are as perfect for the beginner as for the professional. Brother prides itself on its asked-for features, versatile built-in functions and user-friendly machine design. It's another company that offers free sewing machine manuals.

When you visit the Brother Site search under the ‘Support’ section. You will be able to choose from the models list. After selecting your model, you'll get a link to a PDF document.


Sometimes your particular model will be impossible find. It may be that your model is old or the company doesn’t offer manuals. The company may have gone out of business.

There's still no need to worry. Certain websites specialize in providing sewing machine manuals of all kinds.

Before you give up on finding a rare and hard-to-find manual consider purchasing one. Manuals usually cost between five and twenty-five dollars. If this is your only choice, it is still worth the investment. At least you’ll be able to use your sewing machine!

Here are some other sites that offer various manuals available for free or to buy:

  • Relics

    They have 3000 Sewing machine manuals available to buy.

  • ISMACS International
  • They provide a listing of free sewing machine manuals available on the internet.

  • Sew USA
  • True, these manuals won't be free, but you may find what you're looking for here.

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