Simple Steps For Sewing Buttons On By Hand

Sewing buttons is quick and easy if you familiarize yourself with the steps beforehand. There's only a few basic sewing supplies needed for sewing on buttons.

Don't let it be more intimidating that it needs to be. It's satisfying to get that piece of clothing back into perfect shape without a trip to the tailor's shop!

These steps are for sewing on a Sew-Through Button that will be actually used to "button" something.

For purely decorative buttons, just leave out the toothpick steps. You will not need to create a shank in this case.

Cut a piece of thread about 18" long. Thread Your Needle. Double up your thread if you are using regular thread by pulling your thread through the needle halfway and knotting the two ends together.

knotting thread when sewing on a button

closeup of knotted thread when sewing on a button

You now have a 9" double strand of thread to sew with. Run your thread through the beeswax now if you want.

using beeswax

Start Sewing on the button by first bringing the threaded needle up from behind through the fabric at the location where you want that button to be sewn.

sewing buttons step 1

sewing buttons step two

sewing buttons step 3

Now, bring the needle up through one hole in the button.

sewing buttons step 4

Place the toothpick on the button between the holes. This is used as a spacer to create some slack for your button.

sewng buttons step 5

Bring your needle back down through the second hole and through the fabric as well. Now, you are once again behind the button and on the back side of the fabric. Repeat stitching up and over the toothpick 3 to 4 more times.

sewing buttons step 6

If your button has four holes, you now jump over to the other 2 holes (from the back side) and repeat the above steps again.

sewing buttons step 7

You could also choose to cross your threads in an X formation.

a button sewn on with crossed thread

Remove the toothpick and you will notice the slack the button now has.

shank created while sewing on a button

Next, wrap the thread around the "shank" between the button and the fabric 5-6 times for reinforcement.

Note: I used very heavy thread for illustrative purposes. Normally, I wouldn't choose this upholstery weight thread.

wrapping thread around the shank of a button

button shank

Bring the needle and thread to the back of the fabric once again. Take 3-4 stitches in the fabric behind the button to secure the thread without going through to the front.

securing a button

Knot thread and cut thread close to fabric.

knotting thread
a finished button sewn on

Your Button is finished!

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