Sewing Machine Tables - Find One That Works For You!

Sewing Machine tables were created because the first sewing machines were small, unbalanced, hand-cranked machines. These antique machines needed a stable surface to run on.

Sewing machines became more portable once they were powered by electricity. They could be stored in closets or on shelves when not in use.

There was a drawback to storing them in this way. It was time-consuming to set up and put away these machines for each sewing session.

Stand-Alone Cabinets

Stand-alone cabinets for portable sewing machines provided a table plus a place to store sewing supplies and accessories.

Each sewing machine manufacturer provided stand-alone cabinets that fit most of their machines. These cabinets provided a surface to the left of the pressure foot to place fabric while sewing.

Some cabinets had a fold out platform that increased the tabletop size.

Desk type models that included drawers and ornately carved cabinets are still available. Many of these cabinets are made of 100% wood like maple and walnut.

Today, modular cabinets, tables and hutches are available in many colors and finishes. You can buy drop leaf extensions, scratch proof polymers and foldable units from many of the well-known sewing machine manufacturers as well as private companies.

Where Can You Find A Great Sewing Machine Table?

offers a wide variety of furniture, including sewing tables, storage, cabinets, cutting surfaces, chairs and stools. They can provide the accessories you need for any sized sewing area.

Features of Modern Sewing Machine Tables

Sewing Machine tables are designed to help store and organize sewing accessories. It was common to see chairs that had a removable seat cushion providing storage for thread, needles and scissors.

These under seat storage chairs are still available today in a wide variety of materials and colors. Hassocks that doubled as footstools held sewing supplies and fabric. They now come in modern designs and in various colors.

Many distributors carry modular units with light fixtures and specialty sewing machine tables for sergers and industrial machines. It is even possible to buy arms to hold quilting while sewing.

Many specialty sewing machines are available today. These include quilting machines, Sergers, embroidery and computer-operated machines.

With these specialized machines comes the need for specialized machine tables.

Choosing The Best Table For Your Needs

Just a few of the many innovations on the market today include:

  • Movable tables on casters.

  • Heavy-duty swing arms for holding certain machines.

  • Taller units that allow users to stand instead of sit.

  • Units that come equipped with extra electrical outlets.

  • Tables which have extension leaves to create large work surfaces.

  • Tables that fold up to a compact size, great for smaller sewing areas.

    When looking to buy a table consider your needs, the space you have available and the décor of the room where you will keep your unit. Finding a modern machine table in a color or design to suit your needs and price range will be easy.

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