Tips For Choosing Your Sewing Scissors and Shears

Purchase the best quality sewing scissors you can afford. Although expensive, consider these an investment that will last for years - many times longer than a cheap pair. They will make cutting a joy rather than a chore.

Some of the popular sewing and craft supply stores online offer great specials periodically, saving you plenty of money! Some favorite manufacturers for quality sewing scissors are Gingher, Fiskar, Mundials, Kai, and Singer. I bought a pair of Fiskars over 15 years ago and still have them on the go!

How Do You Determine Quality?

Look for Stainless steel blades. These have a strong, durable edge life and provide for an excellent, smooth cutting experience.

You should be able to sharpen and adjust quality scissors. Look for a lifetime guarantee for as long as you own them.

Buying Tips

It's a good idea to buy your scissors at a fabric store - you will be able to ask questions and talk to people who do a lot of cutting and sewing themselves. Ask for their recommendations. Do a little research online and search out a sewing forum to see what other sewers choose as their favorites.

Try out the scissors on a scrap of fabric to see how they feel. Soft ergonomic handle grips are available which provide even greater comfort. Do the handles feel right for the size of your hand? They should still feel comfortable to your hand even after hours of cutting.

Bent Handle Scissors may be the perfect choice for you because they allow your hand to be in a comfortable position while working across any flat surface, allowing the fabric to remain flat. Look for a large handle grip and longer blade to reduce fatigue if you will be cutting large quantities of fabric.

Gingher 8 Inch Goldhandle Knife Edge Bent Trimmers

All About Sewing Shears

Shears are generally larger and heavier than sewing scissors. They are more suited for heavy duty cutting projects. The handles differ in that one ring is larger than the other, enabling several fingers to fit into it. This ensures a firm grip and better control when cutting. Shears come in a variety of sizes up to about 12 inches long. Choose the size based on what you intend to be cutting and weigh that against the size of your hand. For example, sewers with smaller hands tend to be more comfortable with shorter blades.

Many shears are designed for right or left handed sewers. It's best however, to purchase specially designed shears for left handed sewers. Search them out and you'll be glad you did!

Serrated-Edge Shears will provide better control when cutting synthetic fabrics or fabrics that tend to shift and slip.

All About Sewing Scissors

Sewing scissors often have one pointed tip and one blunt tip and are usually not longer than 6 inches. They are lighter that shears and have two identical rings on the handles. These are used for lighter cutting jobs such as snipping and close work.

There are other types of sewing scissors to consider adding to your collection:

Pinking Shears

These shears have saw-toothed blades which cut fabric in a zig zag pattern, limiting fraying of the unfinished edge of the fabric.

Thread Clippers

These are used to trim threads. Keep them handy by your sewing machine.

Tips to Keeping Your Sewing Scissors and Shears in Great Condition

  • Never use your scissors for cutting anything other than fabric and tissue sewing patterns. Period! Paper will dull the blades in no time.

  • Watch out for pins - don't nick your blades by unintentionally trying to cut through a straight pin (I speak from experience - it's easy to do!)

  • Store your scissors in a case or sewing kit away from people who might not use them properly. This will also protect them from damage.

  • Get your scissors professionally sharpened periodically. No, your husband, wife or mother doesn't always know the best sharpening techniques (I once found this out the hard way!)

  • Keep those new scissors happy by cleaning and lubricating them occasionally.

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