Threading A Sewing Machine - Your Guide To Upper Machine Threading

Threading a sewing machine properly will keep your thread at just the right tension, avoiding frustration down the road!

The following steps to feed the thread through your machine are designed to do just that.

Let's Begin. Here's The Steps To Threading Your Machine Using Your Spool Of Thread ...

lever to lift presser foot

Raise the presser foot on your machine by lifting the lever. This is often found next to the needle

lever to lift presser foot

or to the back of the machine behind the needle.

feeding thread through a sewing machine

Raise the needle to its highest position by turning the handwheel towards you. This allows you to reach the needle's eye.

With your spool of thread still on the spool pin, feed your thread around the thread guide on the top (or back) of the machine. Now continue feeding the thread on through the thread guide on the front of the machine.

take-up lever on a sewing machine

Next, feed the thread through the take-up lever from right to left. This is the part that goes up and down when you move the hand wheel.

Sometimes there is a hole to thread through. Other times there's a slot you can run the thread through. Bring the thread down the left side of the take-up lever.

thread guide on a sewing machine

Run the thread behind the thread guide (located just above the needle).

threading a sewing machine needle

Let's finish up by threading the needle from front to back. Now pull the end of the thread down through the foot and out towards the back of the machine. Leave a tail of thread about five inches long. You are Done!

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