Sewing Terms Beginning With "E"


This term refers to the technique of joining two pieces of fabric together that are not the same length. Easing often occurs on the shoulder or sleeve cap of a garment. The goal is to evenly distribute the fullness of the longer piece evenly without causing any puckering or gathering. Using an ease stitch is often helpful.

Ease (In a Garment)

This refers to the excess inches of a garment above your actual body measurements. This ease allows you to move easily while in your clothes. Ease might also be determined by the designer’s desired look or silhouette of a garment. Loose styles have more ease while tighter fitting garments have less.


This is a line of stitching sewn close to a seam or edge (about 1/8 of an inch from the edge). It’s often used for decorative purposes as well as to stabilize two layers of fabric.


This means to make an item more attractive by adding decorative details such as trims, appliqués, etc.

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