Sewing Terms Beginning With "D"


In sewing terms "to darn" means to repair fabric that is worn or has a hole. Darning is done either by hand sewing or by machine sewing. This involves using a thread and needle to weave across the fibres of the hole, slowly weaving over the gap.


A dart is used to take in fabric on an item, shaping it as a result. Darts are often used for fitting clothing in areas such as the waist, bust, shoulders, and back. They come in many sizes and shapes. The darts of a commercial pattern will often have to be altered to create a better fit in your garment to your individual body shape.

Double Hem

This is a hem that is folded over equal amounts twice. For example, fold up your hem 8 inches, then roll it under 4 inches.


This means to lay fabric in a casual way. It's the way in which fabric loosely covers, falls or hangs.


A heavy fabric window treatment hung over a window.

Dressmaker's Shears

Dressmaker's Shears are heavy duty scissors which are designed to cut through many types of materials. The handles are offset from the blades. This allows for easy cutting on a flat surface.

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