Custom Clothing Labels

The Perfect Way to Personalize Your Handmade Gifts or Clothing

Handmade clothing and gifts have special meaning if custom clothing labels are inside. Many independent designers also use these types of labels on their garments. Custom sewn labels can be personalized or generic, but all of them are easily sewn or ironed on.

Clothing Labels

Clothing labels are available in many sizes including pre-embroidered or printed cloth labels saying “Made by”. These labels allow a person, using a laundry marker to write their name below. Other ready to sew custom clothing labels include:

Custom Clothing Label
  • Made with love by Mother

  • Handmade by

  • Crafted by

  • These labels are machine washable and you can write or embroider on them before attaching them to an item.

    Personalized labels

    Many clothing label companies will embroider a personal message or name on their labels at no extra cost. Companies that provide this service have different label sizes, shapes and colors to choose from, including thread, text and text line choices. Also, these labels are usually available in iron on styles. Here are some great ideas for using personalized clothing labels:

  • Nursing home garments

  • Employee uniforms

  • School and Camp

    Labelling all your child’s clothing and school items is often required. Ready-made labels are a great option.

  • Group events

  • Companies can also have custom labels personalized with their organizations name, address, website address and phone number.

    Make Your Own

    Use your embroidery sewing machine to create personalized, custom labels in any size, shape or font.

    Try out specialty fonts like alphabet animals, old English script, bold and italicized.

    Use both upper and lowercase letters when designing and making your own custom labels for clothing. Borders can be added as well.

    Try programming your specialty sewing machine in advance for creating custom labels that are sewn directly onto clothing, saving you time and energy.

    Jackets, coats, quilts, blankets and pillows are just a few of the items that can have custom labels embroidered directly onto them.

    Custom Label Options

    Schools, organizations and clubs can submit custom artwork that can be transformed into labels.

    Submitting artwork to a label company is one way to personalize a label. Many label companies provide border options, symbols and designs choices. For example, customizing choices might include flowers, tools or geometric designs.

    Thread color and type, label fabric type and color plus border options are a few of the many choices offered.

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    Volume Discounts

    Save money by buying a large quantity of custom labels. Volume discounts are often given for orders over a specific quantity. Pre-made labels are also less expensive when bought in large quantities.

    When combined with customized labels pre-made labels will help an organization to stand out. Ideas for pre-made labels include flags, Made in the USA, clothing size and care instructions.

    Some label manufacturers will include a pre-made label with your order, while others offer “buy one get one set free” options.

    Custom clothing labels are a way to personalize your creations and can be created at home using an embroidery sewing machine or bought from a number of retailers.

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