Refurbished Sewing Machines

Buying refurbished sewing machines is a great way to get expensive specialty sewing machines at a fraction of the retail price. A properly reconditioned, refurbished machine will run like a new one.

Types of Machines

Reconditioned sewing machines are available in almost every size, shape and kind. You can buy antique treadle and some hand-crank sewing machines, as well as specialized and industrial models.

Sometimes finding specialized sewing machines like a quilting or embroidery machine or an antique sewing machine at an affordable price can be a challenge.

Many people consider buying refurbished sewing machines especially when looking to buy specialized or antique sewing machines.

Best Machine for the Job

Since most sewing machines can be bought as refurbished machines, choosing the sewing machine that will suit your needs is important. If you plan to use a sewing machine for simple clothing repairs and small projects, a lightweight model will provide what you need.

However, projects like quilting, lined jackets, suits and heavy weight fabrics will need a machine that is designed to sew these thick fabrics.

Quilting machines are designed in a way that allows them to be moved easily over large pieces of material.

Embroidery machines and Sergers are also available from many companies as refurbished or reconditioned models.

Test the Machine

Shopping for sewing machines should include a test-drive. Many manufacturers have showcases where interested buyers can sit down and try out their various machines.

Once you have tried the machine you are considering, research other manufacturers to see if they have a similar machine.

Compare prices and warranties of new machines.

Once you decide on a model, the search for a refurbished sewing machine can begin.

What to Look For

Before buying a refurbished machine, there are some points to consider:

  • Buying refurbished sewing machines from the manufacturer ensures the machine was reconditioned by people who know the machine.

  • Many times reconditioned machines bought from the original manufacturer will come with some warranty.

  • Informed buyers ask questions. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Sometimes a cracked plate, cover or smashed box was all that was wrong with the sewing machine.

  • Many companies accept trade-in’s on their specialty machines. This allows them to sell refurbished models that were not broken or damaged.

  • Just be aware that buying refurbished or rebuilt sewing machines from a source other than the manufacturer can be risky.

    Companies Offering Refurbished Machines

    Most of the major sewing machine manufacturers offer sewing machines that have been refurbished. Companies offering refurbished machines include Kenmore, Brother International, Janome, Singer and White.

    Some of these refurbished machines have limited warranties certifying each to be in working order.

    Refurbished machines are available at a cost well below retail price. Some companies provide up to 50% off the suggested retail price on their refurbished machines. If you would like to explore what type of machines are available visit

    to see their wide selection of refurbished and factory serviced machines of all types. They also have floor models and demonstrator machines available to buy with warranties.

    Sergers, Overlocks and more all at

    Refurbishing Antique Machines

    Antique sewing machines, often, can be refurbished. Older sewing machines were made with strong materials and many had fewer moving parts than the newer computerized models. Singer still offers belts for their treadle sewing machines as well as many other parts.

    Manuals, needles, bobbins and other accessories may also be bought for antique sewing machines. Unlike new machines, these antique machines use oil to keep their parts operational.

    When thinking about buying refurbished sewing machines, spend some time exploring the many choices, costs and warranties. Remember, you can often find the right sewing machine at a price you can afford by buying a factory - reconditioned machine.

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