Sew In Labels

Sew in labels are easy to add to your creations. After taking the time to make that special handmade clothing item, you should include a label that will let others know you’ve created that original item.

These labels can be embroidered, screen-printed, custom designed or designed using the manufacturer’s art.

Fabric Labels

Sew in labels come in many sizes, colors and fabrics. Manufacturers offer basic clipart to help you design and buy your personalized clothing labels . Cotton, polyester, silk ribbon and cotton polyester blended woven fabric labels are the most common embroidered and ink printed labels.

Customizing Your Labels

Fabric labels can be created for just about any purpose. Most manufacturers provide choices of thread and fabric color with one to three lines of print available on your labels.

Personalize your specialty labels. Basic labels such as “Made By”, “Handcrafted By”, and “Made With Love By” can be personalized using your fabric marker.

You can go on to further customize these labels in many ways. Here's some more examples for customizing:

  • Adding a border
  • Adding hearts
  • A knitting needles image
  • A needle and thread image
  • Designs such as baby bottles, paw prints or flowers

    Quantity Pricing

    Personalizing your handiwork is quick, easy and affordable. If you are an avid crafter or sewer, the more customized labels you buy at one time, the less the overall cost your label order will be.

    Customizing labels, like most personalized embroidery or printing, requires a setup. If you buy larger quantities, the manufacturer only has to setup once. Volume discounts on these fabric labels can be cost-effective especially if you are using your own design.

    Small Business

    Small, independent business owners benefit from sew in labels for many reasons. These include name recognition, sizing and care instructions and simply adding a professional touch.

    Specialty small businesses, especially those who provide one-of-a-kind items such as clothing for the disabled, pet clothes or outdoor clothing and bags may want to consider adding their phone number or website address to their customized labels.

    Getting your name out is important when owning a small business. If people see your label with contact information, your business is receiving advertising.

    Labels Made at Home

    Embroidery sewing machines allow you to create your own fabric clothing labels at home using any fabric, color and design for only the cost of the supplies and your time.

    Many embroidery machine manufacturers provide templates for fabric clothing labels and customizing is easy using the software provided for these types of machines.

    Online Label Companies

    Many online label companies provide customized, personalized labels in various styles, colors and fabric choices. This makes buying custom clothing labels easier than ever.

    Using sew in labels on handcrafted quilts, blankets, clothing and crafts announces that an item was crafted with love by you, a friend or family member.

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