Printable Sewing Patterns

Many online websites offer printable sewing patterns. This includes select patterns from major sewing pattern companies and newer companies that you may not recognize.

KwikSew  and Neue Mode provide modern, fashionable sewing patterns at a fraction of the cost of tissue paper patterns.

Traditional Patterns

Unlike traditional patterns, printable sewing patterns allow you to print only the pattern pieces that you need. This saves time and energy sorting and cutting out pattern pieces.

Printable patterns come with step-by-step instructions, a list of necessary notions, fabric yardage and pattern layout suggestions. Going to a fabric shop to buy patterns takes time while printable patterns are available online anytime of the day or night.

Sewing Wallets: Step by Step

Downloadable Patterns

Downloadable sewing patterns can include an entire pattern with multiple outfits and sizes or just one item in one size. Make sure to check computer system requirements before buying and trying to print a pattern.

Many need specific operating software, cookie and ActiveX enabling. Most printable patterns need either Windows or Internet Explorer. These come standard on most personal desktop computers and laptops.

MAC users can download either of these programs free off the Internet.

To get started shopping for patterns, check out the patterns available for download at Here you’ll find step by step directions to purchasing and printing your pattern right away!

BurdaStyle, For people who sew

Printable Patterns on CD

Heirloom and wardrobe patterns are also available on CD’s that can contain hundreds of patterns. The patterns on CD may be in PDF, JPG, TFF or BITMAP format. You will just need to open them and then print using a desktop printer.

Printable patterns will need to be assembled once you print them out. Patterns are printed in tiles (each piece of paper containing one section of the pattern) that are taped or glued together then cut out just like traditional tissue patterns. Transferring the assembled tiled pattern to butcher or pattern paper may make them easier to use and more durable.

You can avoid this assembly step if you take the computer file to a business supply company that can print blueprint sized copies.

Free Printable Sewing Patterns

You can find a wide range of free printable sewing patterns available online from many websites including:

Shop Indie Patterns

This is a wonderful selection of Indie Designer patterns to browse through! Not only sewing, but quilting, knitting, crocheting and more patterns are available here.

Free patterns for almost everything you can think of to sew, including corsets, bikini underwear, double-breasted jackets, and tiered petticoats.

Burda also has patterns available to buy that you can download and print.

Charity Patterns

Charitable organizations, including those who provide support for cancer patients, premature infants and injured veterans, provide free sewing patterns that you can download in exchange for items made from their patterns. Specialty patterns are available that include back opening dresses, Velcro closures and side seams - helpful for people whose movements are restricted.

Finding printable sewing patterns is easy and assembling the tiled pieces is like putting together a small jigsaw puzzle. Choosing to print just the pattern pieces you want or need is the beauty of printing your own sewing patterns.

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